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About Adsan Law

We were first established as Yeo-Leong & Peh in 1987, a partnership which had developed significantly since its humble beginning into a mid-sized law corporation. In 2002, we became Yeo-Leong & Peh LLC, a limited liability company that developed an international perspective with the ability to meet client needs not only in Singapore but also around the region. The law corporation was renamed Adsan Law LLC in 2020.

Why Adsan Law

Our strength is in our dynamic and nimble teams with diverse talents and skills. We are committed to using innovative technology to adapt to the constantly evolving economic landscape to deliver optimum results to our clients. At the heart of our legal practice is our people. We have a strong pool of long-serving and experienced staff who are always on hand to serve our clients, many of whom have developed strong, trusted partnerships through the years.

Meet Our Team

Together, our team of dedicated lawyers, backed up by experienced managers and staff, work closely with you to resolve your legal problems efficaciously

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